About Us

We are a cabinet of designers, artists, film makers, writers, musicians and image makers.

Our work spans the areas of sound design, web, visual media, creative strategy, film, graphic design, spacial design, writing and art direction. 

This ongoing evolution flows on into exhibitions, design for social change initiatives, emerging media environments and education. 

We believe firstly that there is a need for conscious design which inspires, is soft on the planet and nurturing of humanity. Secondly, that design thinking is a transformational tool, capable of initiating positive social change and diverse human impact. 

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The Master List



  • A Meeting of Words

  • Visiting Eucalyptus

  • Digital Press Book



  •  Visiting Eucalyptus

  • A Meeting of Words

  • A Match Struck Twice



  • Billy Blue College of Design | Lecturing in Communication Design

  • The Australian Design Centre | The Importance of Books and Their Role in a Democratic Society

  • VIVID Festival Sydney 2017 | Panel Discussions on Music Orchard



  • Spiritchaser | Premiered at the New York Indi Film Festival, Short listed Best Short Film Dragon Dreaming FF, Runner up Best Short Film/Asian Region FF, Highly praised by critics at the Cleveland FF

  • Visiting Eucalyptus

  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy | Part of production team at Jim Henson's creature shop

  • Five children and It | Part of production team at Jim Henson's creature shop

  • The Water Giant | Part of production team at Jim Henson's creature shop



  • Awarded at the Type Directors Club NY + Global exhibition, touring through 12 countries 2016-2018

  • ‘National Best Print’ Awarded by Konica Minolta Specialised Printing Awards

  • ‘National Best Illustration’ Awarded by Konica Minolta Specialised Printing Awards

  • Finalist Mohawk Awards for Design & Typography

  • 2 Silver Awards in National Book Awards / Illustration & Typography

  • Winner Best Book at the National Print Awards


selected CLIENTS/partners

  • Uncommon Cord

  • Sydney Masonic Centre

  • Milestone Creative

  • Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College

  • Sydney’s West

  • Bell Partners

  • Poetry In Action

  • Tourism Durban

  • Vivid Sydney

  • Sydney Olympic Park

  • Waterview

  • Oxfam + Billy Blue

  • Dark Mofo + Billy Blue

  • Ogilvy Health + Billy Blue

  • Tourism Australia

  • National Geographic

  • Accor Hotels

  • Sydney Mardi Gras

  • Jim Hensons Creature Shop

  • National Geographic Channel

  • Destination NSW

  • Strategetic 

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The Cabinet


Tim Jetis

Tim Jetis is a multi disciplinary Creative Director, designer and visual artist with a portfolio that spans over 30 years working with clients such as Tourism Australia, Tourism Durban, Sydney’s West, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Sydney Olympic Park, Vivid Sydney, Dark Mofo, Mardi Gras (Sydney) and Accor Hotels. Reaching for his tools that lay in communication design, film and the fine arts; Tim creates moving work that draws on inspiration from the various cultural themes which aim to to inspire audiences.  

Creating the exhibition ‘Meaning of Words’ and publishing an accompanying award winning book, his work is also widely exhibited across 3 continents including the Venice Biennale, Osaka Triennial and Print Europe. Alongside his lecturing at Billy Blue College of Design, Tim has actively collaborated with City of Sydney in mentoring teams of young designers to create effective strategies for tackling a variety of social and community issues.


madelyn Grace

Madelyn Grace is a multi disciplinary Australian creative/designer/artist/maker who can never quite decide on a title. Her approach to all of her creative pursuits is humanist; putting people and their needs, emotions and stories at the centre of her work.

Damian .jpg

Damian Barbeler

Damian Barbeler’s award-winning works have been performed and broadcast around the world, sung and played by leading Australian soloists and ensembles. He is widely recognised for his idiosyncratic and playful artistic style as well as his lush, emotional sound worlds inspired by textures and patterns from nature. His works regularly blend media elements: incorporating sound design, lighting, photography, 3D animation, software, theatre and sculptural elements. He regularly collaborates with creative types from diverse fields including architecture, software design, media arts, dance and more.

Damian has twice received the ‘Recommended Work’ award at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers and was a finalist in the Toru Takemitsu Prize 2008. In 2015 he was a finalist for “Best Instrumental Work” for the APRA/AMC Art Music Awards.

Barbeler current lectures in composition and digital music at University of Sydney and Sydney Conservatorium.